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France Victimes (only available in French)
Federation of victim support associations, approved by the Ministry of Justice
To find a victim support association close to where you live, cliquez ici

Mémo de Vie (only available in French)
Free and secure online platform for victims of violence, allowing them to save testimonies, life stories, official documents and media, and access key resources depending on their situation

Parcours-victimes (only available in French)
Website to help victims of violence (information and accompaniment in their journey)

Fonds de Garantie des Victimes (available in English)
Official website of the Guarantee Fund for Victims of Terrorist and Other Criminal Acts, the organism for the compensation of victims

Institut Français pour la Justice Restaurative (only available in French)
Organisation dedicated to the promotion and development of Restorative Justice in France

Plateforme des violences conjugales, sexuelles et sexistes
Anonymous chat with law enforcement, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, dedicated to reporting domestic, sexual or gender-based violence

Le Défenseur des droits (available in English)
Official website of the Defender of Rights (Défenseur des droits), an independent authority ensuring the respect of rights and freedoms

Victim Support Europe (available in English)
European umbrella organisation bringing together different European and international victim support organisations
To find a victim support organisation abroad that is a member of Victim Support Europe, click here


116 006 / + 33 (0)1 80 52 33 76 (from abroad)
National victim support number, run by France Victimes: listening, contact for legal, psychological and social support.
Available 7 days a week, from 9am to 8pm.
To access it from abroad, dial +33 (0)1 80 52 33 76
For contact by email, you can send an email to

Emergency number

Emergency number to contact by text message, for deaf and hearing impaired people

European emergency number

For emergency accommodation and access to rights, number provided by the Samu social

For children who are victims of violence, a number provided by the National helpline for children in danger (Service National d’Accueil Téléphonique pour l’Enfance en Danger)

39 77
For elderly and disabled victims of abuse, a number provided by the 39 77 Federation against abuse (Fédération 39 77 contre la maltraitance)

39 19
For women victims of violence, a number run by the National Federation of Women’s Solidarity (Fédération nationale solidarité femmes)

30 20
For victims of school bullying, a number provided by the Federation of Parents and Educators (Fédération des parents et des éducateurs)

30 18
For victims of digital violence and cyberbullying, the number and digital application of the association e-enfance

39 28
For people who are victims or witnesses of discrimination, whatever the reason (origin, disability, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) and the field (employment, housing, access to a service, etc.), a number provided by the Defender of Rights (Défenseur des droits)

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