Right to benefit from restorative justice measures

Since the law of 15 August 2014, any victim can apply for a restorative justice measure. This right is available to the victim from the moment the complaint is filed and at all stages of the criminal proceedings.

Restorative justice is a practice that complements the traditional criminal justice system by bringing together victims and offenders (irrespective of whether they were involved in the same case). The measures, in various ways, are all aimed at re-establishing social ties and dissuading repeat offenders as much as possible.
Meetings take place according to pre-established rules and are facilitated by specially trained, impartial and caring professionals.
This measure is free of charge and the meetings are confidential. The agreement of each party is required to participate.

Restorative justice helps to raise awareness of the personal, professional, family and social repercussions of an offence and promotes appeasement and reconstruction.

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