Right to be accompanied by a legal representative and an adult of your choice

Any victim may be accompanied by their legal representative and by an adult of their choice (at all stages of the investigations – Article 10-4 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, at all stages of the procedure – Article 10-2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure), unless the competent judicial authority decides otherwise, with good grounds.

The legal representative will be responsible for taking action on behalf of a victim who is a minor. They will be able to sign for the victim and submit documents.

The person accompanying the victim may be a relative (family, partner, friend) or a victim support professional. This means any third party, who must be an adult, who will be a reassuring presence for the victim; they cannot intervene in the procedure and do not represent the victim.

The victim support professional, who works for a victim support association, will also be able to provide the victim with information about the procedure and answer any questions.
Support by a victim support professional is in addition to the work of the lawyer, and in no way replaces it.

For more information on the accompaniment of victims, please watch this video (in French):

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