Defence lawyer

The role of the defence lawyer is to represent an individual suspected of having committed an offence. They do this by using all legal means to achieve the best defence for their client, in accordance with the rules of law, and obtain an acquittal/release/not guilty verdict.

Throughout the legal proceedings, the objective is to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of their client. They first intervene whilst their client is in police custody (if applicable) and ensure that their client’s rights are respected.

Whilst making their oral pleadings, they will use cross-examination to challenge the evidence in an attempt to discredit the witnesses, then they will present all the elements favourable to their client’s case, calling their own witnesses or experts who may testify on behalf of their client, with the aim of clearing the charges or at least reducing the sentence.
Every accused has the right to a lawyer. If they cannot find one or cannot afford one, they may use a court-appointed lawyer chosen by the President of the Bar Association or by the judge.

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